The ERIK ACTION project is 1 of 6 Capitalisation projects funded on the first INTERREG IVC call for proposals:

  • B3 REGIONS - Regions For Better Broadband Connection - Piedmont Region (Piemonte, IT) - Lead Partner

  • RAPIDE - Regional Action Plans For Innovation Development And Enterprise - South West of England Regional Development Agency (Devon, UK) - Lead Partner

  • PIKE - Promoting Innovation And The Knowledge Economy - ERNACT EEIG (Border, Midland and Western, IE) - Lead Partner

  • ICHNOS PLUS - Innovation and Change: Network of one-stop shops for business - PLUS ANCITEL Sardinia (IT) - Lead Partner

  • ESF6 CIA - Capitalising Innovative Approaches Towards Demographic Change - Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH (Leipzig, DE) - Lead Partner

The following sites contain information related to the themes of ERIK ACTION:

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