Action Plans

The ERIK ACTION Regional Action Plans were signed by official representatives at the Final Conference held in Florence on 11th May 2010.

These action plans detail the transfer of good practices from 1 region to another.

According to INTERREG IVC, an Action Plan is a strategic document that defines precisely how good practices will be implemented under the Operational Programme of each region participating in a Capitalisation Project.

This strategic document is more than a simple statement of intent. In order to ensure its official and binding character, each ERIK ACTION partner will ensure that the action plan is signed by the relevant ROP Managing Authority and by key stakeholders.

Developing ERIK ACTION plans

The concept of Regional Action Plans is new to Capitalisation Projects. ERIK ACTION partners started preparation early in order to allow time for in-depth sharing, learning and review.

The following process has been followed:

  • development of Action Plan template based on partner input;
  • preparation and presentation of draft Action Plans for limited number of partners, in order to gain feedback and inform other partners on potential means of completion;
  • stakeholder consultation in all partner regions;
  • preparation of draft Action Plans by all partners, followed by feedback from RAP task force, including members of the European Commission Fast Track team;
  • preparation of second drafts, followed by Peer Review session with all ERIK ACTION partners.
  • integrations and improvements on the basis of Peer Reviews.
  • continued exchange and consultation with partners and with key regional stakeholders;
  • signing of Action plan at ERIK ACTION Final Conference.

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