ERIK ACTION Final Conference

ERIK ACTION and INTERREGIONAL COOPERATION - Upgrading the Innovation Capacity of Enterprises through Interregional Transfer

When: Tuesday 11th May 2010

Where: Florence, Italy

Why: The one day conference was a multi-media ride through the ERIK ACTION transfer experience, looking at the methodology used and the lessons learned.

It offered the chance to discuss various aspects of the theme of innovation for enterprises with international experts.

Through a mixture of panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions and new media, the ERIK ACTION Final Conference represented a learning experience, and a moment to take stock of the Capitalisation process so far.

Download the programme here.

The presentations and conclusions of the Conference are available here.

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Other Events

INTERREG IVC Lead Applicant Seminar for Capitalisation projects

ERIK ACTION was presented at the INTERREG IVC Lead Applicant Seminar for Capitalisation projects, held in Barcelona on the 14th - 15th January 2010.

The aim of the presentation was to provide participants with a concrete example of one Capitalisation project, both in terms of the application process and of project development.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

INTERREG IVC Capitalisation Conference

The ERIK ACTION project was represented at the INTERREG IVC Capitalisation Conference: Building on Regional Policy Good Practice, held in Gothenburg from 9th -10th December 2009.

At the ERIK ACTION stand in the exhibition area, participants were able to learn more about the project transfer process and express their thoughts on what is Capitalisation.

During Day 2, the process of selection good practices for the ERIK ACTION was presented. The ERIK ACTION presentation can be downloaded here.

Spanish-French Seminar on Innovation Supported by European Funds 2009

ERIK ACTION participated at the Spanish-French Seminar on Innovation Supported by European Funds, held in Seville on 18th - 19th May 2009.

The seminar aimed to understand better innovation related activities being supported by the European Commission in France and Spain, to see where it can be improved and to promote collaboration better actors involved.

ERIK ACTION was represented at a specific workshop on open Financial Instruments supporting Innovation.

For more information on the seminar visit the official web site.

INTERREG IVC Monitoring Committee 2009

ERIK ACTION was invited by the INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat to present the experience of Capitalisation Projects so far to Monitoring Committee members. The Committee Meeting was held in Prague on the 14th May 2009.

The ERIK ACTION presentation can be downloaded here

PRO INNO Europe Partnering Event 2009

ERIK ACTION was invited by DG ENTR to the 2nd PRO INNO Europe Annual Partnering Event and the 6th Inno-Learning Steering Group meeting, held in Rotterdam (NL) on the 12th - 13th May 2009.

The INNO Partnering Forum under PRO INNO Europe was launched in order to provide an open bottom-up platform to improve overall quality and effectiveness in providing public innovation support services in Europe, through mutual learning among innovation support professionals.

Together with the RAPIDE project, ERIK ACTION participated in a session entitled: Towards synergies between the INNO-Partnering Forum and INTERREG initiatives - RAPIDE and ERIK ACTION.

For more information on the PRO INNO Initiative and the INNO Partnering Forum, visit the official web site.

Regions for Economic Change 2009

A joint workshop ERIK ACTION / RAPIDE was organised during the Regions for Economic Change Conference Networking for Results,held in Brussels on the 16th -17th February 2009.

The workshop addressed the theme of Fast Track Networks bringing innovation into the market.

More information on Regions for Economic Change can be found on the official web site

The ERIK ACTION presentations can be downloaded here

Open Days 2008

The ERIK ACTION project was presented at the Open Days 2008 in Brussels.

The OPEN DAYS 2008, entitled "Regions and cities in a challenging world" was composed of working sessions that ran from the 7th - 9th October.

The working sessions were grouped under four themes:

  • Innovating regions: Promoting research, technological development and innovation
  • Sustainable development: Regional responses to climate change
  • Cooperation and networking: Exchange of best practice in regional development
  • Looking forward: A European cohesion policy for tomorrow

ERIK ACTION was presented during the workshop "The need to network: the example of INTERREG IVC", with the Director of the INTERREG IVC JTS, Michel Lamblin.

More information on the Open Days 2008 can be found on the official web site.

The ERIK ACTION presentation can be downloaded here.

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