Since the beginning of ERIK Network work has been divided into Thematic Working Groups (TWG) focusing on some of the most relevant topics for regions with Innovative Actions Programmes.

In the new ERIK+ Phase (2006-2007) the four Thematic Working Groups are:

  a) Clusters and Business Networks led by Advantage West Midlands (UK)
  b) Science and Industry Relations led by Emilia-Romagna (I)
  c) Support for Start-Ups and Spin-Offs led by Amt der Niederösterreich Landesregierung (A)
  d) Innovation Finance led by Småland med öarna (SE)

One of the Thematic Working Groups' main tasks was to define thematic indicators for the description and evaluation of regional good practices. These indicators were identified for each TWG through a process of knowledge exchange and discussion among ERIK partners and associates. For further information on these indicators please see the ERIK database or contact TWG coordinators directly.

TWGs are also responsible for collecting data on the above themes within European RPIAs in order to form a clearer picture of tregional experiences in the field of Innovation. This not only contributes to a better understanding of the Regional Programmes of Innovative Actions, but also provides the basis for a global analysis of their results in the light of the new programming period 2007-2013.

Please see below two thematic papers produced for ISR and Start-Ups / Spin-Offs in the first ERIK network phase and the two new focus papers for Innovation Finance and Clusters / networks:

  Science and Industry Relations     Support for Start-Ups and Spin-Offs

   Innovation Finance      Cluster and Business Networks