Clusters and business networks - Bologna (30 June - 1 July 2003)

Regional innovation benchmarking and foresight - Larissa (12 - 13 February 2003)

Services and support to start-up and spin-off - Coventry and Birmingham (9 - 11 June 2004)

Industry – Science Relations (17th – 18th March 2005 - Caen – Basse Normandie – France)

Industry – Science Relations (10th May 2007 - Brussels; Belgium)

Support for Start Ups and Spin-Offs (10th May 2007 - Brussels; Belgium)

Clusters and Business Networks (10th May 2007 - Brussels; Belgium)

Innovation Finance (10th May 2007 - Brussels; Belgium)

In the first phase of the ERIK NETWORK four workshops were held in Bologna, Larissa, Coventry/Birmingham and Caen. The choice of locations was based on the expressions of interest to hold such an event. The workshops were based around themes derived from the analysis of the RPIAs. Workshop abstracts and presentations which summarise key issues and conclusions of each workshop can be download from the links on this page.

During the ERIK NETWORK Conference of the second network phase (Brussels, 10th and 11th May), four new workshops were held: Start-Ups and Spin-Offs, Industry Science Relations, Cluster and Business Networks, Innovation Finance. The workshops saw the presentation of a number of good practices collected and analysed by the ERIK network, wide discussion on the various themes and an analysis of the proposed ERIK Network policy recommendations.