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ERIK Network Policy Paper - Available On-line
The ERIK Network Policy Paper is now available and can be found inside the latest ERIK Network newsletter.

The paper includes the main Policy Recommendations which have emerged from 2 years of network activity and, particularly, during the Network's final confererence held in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of May 2007.


ERIK ACTION Capitalisation Project Approved on 1st INTERREG IVC Call
On the 24th of April 2008 at Ljubljana, the INTERREG IVC Monitoring Committee approved the ERIK ACTION project as 1 of the 6 Capitalisation projects on the first INTERREG IVC call for proposals.

The project will also receive direct support from the European Commission as a Fast Track initiative.

ERIK ACTION’s aims to improve the effectiveness of regional development policies in the field of innovation and the knowledge economy and, specifically, in upgrading the innovation capacity of existing enterprises.

More details on project activities will be available here soon.

Navarra RPIA Seminar, 20-21 November 2008, Pamplona
ERIK Action will be presented at the Seminar “Lisbon 2010: Challenges for European Regional Innovation Strategies Solutions provided by Regional Programmes of Innovative Actions” to be held in Pamplona (Navarra-Spain), the 20th and 21st November 2008. This seminar is organised by Navarra Regional Programme of Innovative Actions EUROINNOVA-NAVARRA.

The EUROINNOVA NAVARRA programme had the aim of contributing to the European objective of achieving an investment level of 3% of GDP in Research & Development (R&D).

EUROINNOVA NAVARRA focuses on the design, experimentation and transfer of innovative methodologies that will simultaneously promote sectoral and regional integration and networking at European level of all the stakeholders involved the regional innovation system.

Some of the main objectives of this seminar are:
- To discuss the main challenges for Regional innovation Strategies (RIS) in terms of the goals of the Lisbon Strategy and the European Research Area.
- To promote the meeting and exchange of policies on the current challenges of RIS between RTDI Policy-Makers at national and EU levels.
- To show the practical benefits for RIS of successful processed of networking, clustering and internationalisation processes.

Click here for more information about the event and the programme

INNO-Action Tech SME Partnering - Exit Strategy Workshop
The Exit Strategy Workshop of the INNO-Action Tech SME Partnering, co-funded under the PRO INNO Europe initiative for innovation policy analysis and development, will take place in Brussels on Friday, 27 June, between 10 and 15h.

The venue is the Hilton at Boulevard de Waterloo 38, Room Louise 2.

The project tests an approach to facilitate knowledge transfer, partnering, collaboration and networking for and between innovative SMEs and public research organisations (incl. universities). It does this through a series of regional coaching events (Academies) and sector-specialised matchmaking events (Forums).

The aim of the workshop is to present the experience of the approach tested in the project and to discuss options for the future deployment and development of the approach and its tools beyond the co-funding by the European Commission.

The discussion will therefore treat subjects such as:
- the extent to which the needs of public and private innovation actors for knowledge transfer and collaboration of both small and medium-sized enterprises and public research organisations can be better met by the approach tested in the project;
- factors that impinge on a sustainable business proposition, such as financial incentives, branding, quality assurance etc.

Click here for information on the project Tech SME Partnering
Click here for the event announcement, including the agenda and venue

InterCluster2008® European cluster conference - November 2008
InterCluster2008® European cluster conference will take place on 17 and 18 November 2008 in Paris in the hotel Marriot, in the frame of the French Presidency of the EU.

InterCluster2008 will be held at the same time as the Paris Region Innovation Tour (PRIT 2008), a brokerage event for clusters and cluster members.

Together, both events are expecting a total of about 1000 participants.

Information on Tel: +32 2 8081580 / abildgaard Ltd

Click here for more information and registration

INTERREG IVC Second Call Published
The INTERREG IVC Monitoring Committee has published the second call for projects.

The call was launched during the first day of the 2nd EU Interregional Cooperation Forum, on 27 October 2008. The call will remain open until Friday 30 January 2009.

The Application Pack has been updated for the second call. The updated programme manual and cofinancing letter are availble on line. The Application Form will be available from 5th November 2008.

Individual consultations and lead applicant seminars are planned for the second half of 2008. Seminars will be held on the 10/11th November 2008 in Munich/Germany and on the 4/5th December 2008, Riga/Latvia.

Further individual consultations are available on:
- 31 October 2008, Copenhagen/Denmark
- 18 November 2008, Rostock/Germany
- 25 November 2008, Tallinn/Estonia
- 11 December 2008, Rostock/Germany
- 8 January 2008, Rostock/Germany

Click here for more information on the INTERREG IVC call

DG REGIO events
Information on Conferences and Seminars being held all over Europea and relating to regional policy is available on the DG Regio web site.

Click here to see upcoming conferences and events

Ianis Network
The Ianis Network has recently created a new portal for cooperation on the theme of the Information Society. The portal, eRegional Hub, was financed within the Ianis project and has information on events, projects, partners and all other related news.

Click here to access the eRegional Hub

Innovating Regions in Europe Network: Events
The Innovating Regions in Europe (IRE) network was created by the European Commission in the mid-1990s.

Its aim is to facilitate exchange of experience and good practice among European regions that are enhancing their capacity to support innovation and competitiveness among regional firms through the development and implementation of regional innovation strategies and schemes.

Click here to see all the latest news and events from the IRE Network

ERIK Network Policy Paper - Available On-line
ERIK ACTION Capitalisation Project Approved
ERIK Action presented at Navarra: RPIA Seminar in Pamplona
INNO-Action Tech SME Partnering - Exit Strategy Workshop
InterCluster2008® European cluster conference - November 2008
INTERREG IVC Second Call Published
DG REGIO events
Ianis Network: Information and Events
IRE Events